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Late 19th / early 20th century British fireman's tunic

Late 19th / early 20th century British fireman's tunic

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A beautifully tailored and very special piece of vintage British workwear, dating from around the turn of the century and made by Hobson and Sons of London. It's made from a heavy Melton wool, which would have offered protection and a degree of waterproofing, in fact these were made with an unfinished hem which would allow the water to run off. The back is cut almost like a tail coat, which not only looks smart but gives structure to the jacket. The bronze buttons bear the symbol of a helmet and crossed  axes and are also made by Hobson and Sons. There is a smaller button to the cuff, sadly one of which is missing. To the rear sides are two hooks which would have guided the large leather belt that would have been worn over the jacket and there are two hidden pockets cut into the lining, which are always a joy to discover. This style seems to have been introduced in the mid 19th century and variations of it remained in service till the mid 20th century. The closest approximation to this one dates to the late 19th/early 20th C. It's in beautiful condition, obviously with signs of wear, but nothing major and it seems churlish to mention on a garment of this age, particularly given its useage. The only real damage is in the cotton drill that lines the sleeves, which looks like deterioration rather than moth. All in all a beautiful and rare piece of historic clothing in lovely condition.

Size-wise it's pretty small but would have been average in its day:

Shoulders 16.5"

Pit to pit 19"

Sleeves 24.5"

Length at back 30.5"



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